Thursday, July 31, 2008


I haven't been on here for awhile. Just thought I'd write a little something. This summer's going by rather quickly and by the time you know it, school will start and the holiday's will come a' calling. Haha. I like the summer but if it's too hot it makes me hope for cold weather. I guess I like the medium, not too hot, not too cold. Just right. Spring weather where you can enjoy it without worrying about sweating to death in public (or is that just me...?).

I have gone to the beach a couple of times with the family. I've also been on two little mini-vacations to Mountain Creek Waterpark with my cousin Michael and his girl Michele. And another to Atlantic City with: my parents, my sister, my aunt Jackie, her husband Dean (my uncle from marriage) and my cousin Daniel (he'll be 14 in August, how time flies. I'm shocked). I've gone to the lake once with the family. Then they went I think the day before yesterday as well. My sister went but I didn't want to go. This Saturday they want to go again, and I'm definitely going. It's always fun to splash in the water and pretend you know how to swim (NOT! I need to take swimming lessons. And I really want to become an expert at it. I just don't want to be laughed at because I'm twenty-one years old and I can't swim. To me if you have a kid: potty-training goes hand in hand with swimming lessons. If I have a kid that's the way it'll be. Or even earlier. Hell they have babies who know how to swim...).

BUT: I wish I had gone on a vacation that requires you to get on either a boat or a plane. To me what makes a vacation fun is getting to the destination as well. Though I know a lot of people would sincerely DISAGREE with me. It's what I like. I've only been on a plane twice. Coming & going to Florida in 2004, when we went to Disney World. And I hope I get to ride more planes in my lifetime.

I really want to go on a cruise next year! I'd love to go someplace far away. Someplace that people rarely choose to go on cruises. Not with the family though (I love them, but I don't have to do everything with em'. I'm 21 for goodness sake). But I have no one else to go with. It would be nice to go with someone to share the experience with.

I'd like to go for at least a week. I'd love to go for two but I'll have to check out the prices. If I could go I'd be so happy. Millions of people go on cruises and I'm missing out on all that food (LOL. Though I could go without it...haha)!! =o)

Well, off I go to look up cruises. The key thing is to be postive. No: I'm not working but it doesn't hurt to look online for cruises and to have a little fun with it. Because one must always plan.